Also known as “Mill Creek” is located on the Montgomery County Line Road in the burg of Frederick . This burg was also formerly known as Fidelity and then Fredericktown. Early in the 1800’s the Mill Creek Quaker Monthly Meeting Church was located here. Next to this site was their burial grounds.

Frederick Yount, youngest son of John & Mary (Lowe) Yount, had the stonewall built around the cemetery before his death in 1880. Early families of this Quaker Meeting (church)were: Pearson, Jenkins, Compton, Commons, Beeson, Cooper, Earnhart, Coppock, Curtis, Davis, Duncan, Evans, Furnas, Harris, Hollinsworth, Hutchins, Iddings, Inscoe, Jay, Jones, Macy, Mendenhall, Mills, Neal, Patty, Russell, Swallow, Teague, Thomas, Yount and others. It’s possible some of these members were buried here. There are monthly Mill Creek Meeting records under “The Ohio Quaker Genealogical Records”. Some burials for the Frederick Cemetery could possibly be found in these records.

There have been no official readings of the remaining headstones by township personnel, although there have been early readings by other interested parties.






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