Hyattsville, was the neighboring town to Tippecanoe in the early 1800's and was started by Henry J. Hyatt in 1833. Seeing the need for a cemetery, on June 21, 1836 a parcel of land containing 80 rods was deeded to the trustees of the Methodist Meeting House in Hyattsville. These trustees were: Levi Wells, Henry J. Hyatt, Jacob Chrisman, and William B.McCaulally.

The cemetery stayed in Methodist possession until they relinquished Hyattsville Cemetery to Monroe Township in October of 1988. In order to preserve the memories of those laid to rest there, the Monroe Township Trustees began a renovation of the Hyattsville Cemetery in 1992. Many groups had previously tried to clean the disarrayed area prior to the township's possession resulting in the stones being moved and/or removed.

When the township undertook the task of cleaning the area, they worked in co-operation with the Tippecanoe Historical Society. The township had the stones cleaned, returned and grouped in into three monuments constructed in a visual architectural presentation with the monuments erected on three separate mounds. These mounds included placement of the remaining full markers and broken pieces of markers on the dirt banks so they can be easily seen and kept from falling over. A Re-Dedication Ceremony was presented on September 24, 1999.

The following is a compilation of stone readings, prior readings and histories. The underlined and bold names on this list are those for which other sources have a different spelling.

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