Maple Hill Cemetery is a forty-acre cemetery at the corner of Evanston Road and Hyatt Street in Tipp City, Ohio. Although some records say 1874, it is difficult to say when Maple Hill Cemetery was actually established. Early records are scant, sketchy and difficult to read.

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On September 3, 1874 John Collins sold land to Maple Hill Cemetery Association. The Maple Hill Cemetery Association record of burials starts around 1900. There are some accounting records concerning burials and purchases that are dated in the late 1800's.

There is a reference in the Cemetery History that according to Blanch Gnodle, a local resident, as a girl she sat on the front porch of a farmhouse and waved to the soldiers going off to war. The location of this farmhouse is thought to be Section 6 of Maple Hill Cemetery where “some portion” of a foundation was located. She further references that the farm was eventually given to The Maple Hill Cemetery Association. The farmhouse at that location was reported as being torn down around 1940.

Many stones through the years have become unreadable and many graves may not have stones. It is hard to say who is the oldest actual burial.

Monroe Township took over the cemetery in 1989 when the Maple Hill Cemetery Association disbanded. Mrs. Nancy L. Creech, Monroe Township Secretary, and Mrs. Marjorie M. Buckles, genealogy enthusiast, spent about 3 years reading stones, collecting obituaries, genealogies and data to compile what is believed to be a fairly accurate compilation of stone readings and records. However, it is believed that there are still unknown burials.

The updated records have been put on computer so that information on documented burials can now be located faster and easier.

Among the many cemetery records is a reference to a “potter’s field”. Anyone with knowledge of the location of a “potter’s field” in this cemetery is asked to contact the office of Monroe Township.

Maple Hill continues to be an active cemetery that has around 80 burials a year and over 6,000 burials recorded to date. For further information you may contact The Monroe Township Office.

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